Aboitiz Construction visits JapanRenewing business ties with Japan, Aboitiz Construction visits Japan clients on Sep 12 to 15.  Albert Ignacio, chief operating officer, led the team.  He was joined by Jonathan Bendebel, vice president of operations, Felma Yap, vice president of marketing and Alanie Diaz, marketing manager.

Japan Gas Corp., Shunichi Nishizawa, Masurao Fujii, Tokutaro Nomura & Makoto Miyamoto. Kurimoto Ltd., seated L-R: Koji Onishi, Atsuyuki Miyamoto, Kiyoshi Kurihara, Teruji Moriya and Shuji Shiozaki.

Clients included Japan Chemical & Machinery Co., Ltd. and Kurimoto Ltd., both in Osaka, Toshiba and Japan Gas Corp., both based in Yokohama, JNCE in Chiba City and Kurimoto in Tokyo.

The trip was intended to strengthen the ties with existing and prospective clients.  At the same time, Albert was introduced. Aboitiz Construction Group Team, L-R: Alanie Diaz, Felma Yap, Albert Ignacio & Jonathan Bendebel. Trip turned out productive as new projects were explored and, in fact, awarded after the visit.